We're a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization, and all our programs are entirely funded by membership fees. We need your support!

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  • Exhibition space: You'll have use of a spacious, contemporary Gallery Space, conveniently located on Ossining's Main Street. Here we host various events and exhibitions throughout the year, including the Annual Members Show. You can even stage your very own exhibition to help promote and/or sell your work.
  • A free, beautiful online showcase for your art: Your work and your profile will get superb exposure through our website, with your own profile and gallery page - and it's absolutely free! Everything is managed for you, from uploading your artworks and biography, to helping visitors find you and keeping track of your most popular works! See current Artist Profiles and Galleries here.
  • Opportunities for networking, socializing and collaboration: Joining us is a great way of getting involved in new creative projects, forging new connections and meeting like-minded people! SUBSCRIBE HERE