George Angelini

George Angelini started drawing at an early age, trying to faithfully record his surroundings whether that meant a landscape, a '57 Chevy or his family members. His parents encouraged his interest, buying him endless collections of pencils, crayons, erasers and reams of paper.

George started formal training in art by taking his first art class as a senior in high school and earned accolades for his ability to draw within a solid composition.

Earning a BFA from The Cooper Union in Manhattan, he was a successful, award-winning illustrator for nearly thirty years, working for every major ad agency and magazine publisher in the country. He retired from that to begin painting full time, winning major awards in that field as well.

He is a Signature Member of The Oil Painters of America, a Signature Member of The National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society (NOAPS) and a member of The Portrait Society of America.}