Barbara Lalicki enjoys creating scenes that have a narrative feel.  Even her still-life paintings feel animated. She’s inspired by favorite vases, sculptures, plants, and flowers as well as black-and-white images that she reimagines in color. For instance, “Charm City Sisters” is based on old photos and drawings of the Cone sisters, whose amazing art collection includes the Matisse paintings referenced in the painting. “The Film Star” is based on Karl Hubbuch’s 1930s ink drawing, “The Film  Star Spends Two Minutes in Her Parents’ Garden,” and she hopes you can imagine the parents standing proudly in the cottage doorway. A small newspaper image of Jagger sporting his wrinkles led to “Red Mick,” and “Wild Ride” is based on a 2 x 3 photo of her mother as a child. 

She paints the family cats and does commissioned portraits based on photos as well.

Formerly an editorial director for children’s books at four major publishing companies, most recently HarperCollins, Barbara teaches “Creating the Picture Book” with author-illustrator Steve Henry, a course that reflects their shared love of such fabulous illustrators as Ludwig Bemelmans, Wanda Gag, and William Steig.  She’s also crazy about Manet, Matisse, Van Gogh, and van Eyck, to mention but four.

She’s studied with David Dunlop, Seth Foreman, Jennifer Griffin, Charles Gruppe, Skip Lawrence, and Bruce Waldman. Her work has been presented in various gallery shows including, most recently, the Equus Show at the Mehu Gallery in New York City. To see more of Barbara’s artwork, please visit